Change Lives by supporting the ministries of Asbury! We have many things that you can support with your financial contribution. Here at Asbury, you can donate to any or all of the following areas described below by clicking on the Donate button, entering your information, and selecting the fund you are most interested in donating to.


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General Fund – This fund will be used for donations if you do not have a specific fund that you want your donation to go to. The Finance Committee at Asbury will decide where to best use the money in this fund as needs arise throughout the year.

ASP– Appalachia Service Project is a Christian missions trip that helps others in need in the Appalachia mountain area. Youths help build on job sites (with adult supervision) for families that are in need of housing projects such as roofing, additions, painting, etc. and interact with the families on the job site to spread the love of Jesus. 

Food Closet– Asbury’s Food Closet is thriving! Families that are in need for basic essential foods can come every week to get a week’s worth of groceries at Asbury’s Food Closet. We are touching the lives of many local residents in the New Castle area. 100% of your donation will be used to purchase food from the Food Bank of Delaware with whom Asbury is a participating partner. We are also participating partners with the Harvest Program.

Building – There are many building expenses that we encounter from utilities to major renovations to keep our building modernized and a safe place for us to worship. Please consider making a donation to help us continue to keep our building secure.

Youth– Asbury’s Youth Program involves children from grades 6-12. They meet twice a month to discuss Christian issues and participate in team building activities. The youth also attend the annual youth rally in Ocean City, MD.

Missions– Asbury is involved in a variety of missions in the local community and throughout the world.  This includes The HOPP which connects food and services to 1,000 families of New Castle County each month, coats to the community, Friendship House, and Neighborhood House.  

Thank you!